Hoffman/Ladwig Family (Easter 2008)

Hoffman/Ladwig Family (Easter 2008)
Christopher (14), Jay, Hannah (2 1/2), Linda, Lily (1 1/2), Ian (16), Delaney (8), Renson (11)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Christopher's 14th birthday

It's hard for me to believe that my "shortstack" (as I used to call him) is now 14 yrs. old and taller than me! How did that happen? This year I am going to recap the past years to show how much each child has changed from the time Jay and I got married til now. This should be fun...at least for me. I hope you enjoy it.

Photos top to bottom, left to right: 1)Click on this picture to see the framed birthday banner I made for Christopher's b-day. 2)Christopher on his 11th birthday, his 1st birthday celebrated in Wisconsin. The cake was a leftover from our wedding that I decorated to look like a soccer ball. Christopher was big into soccer at the time. 3)Christopher with his prized Terrain Twister. 4)Jay lighting Christopher's candle with the fireplace matches. 5)Christopher pretending to blow out his candle..."Oh well, I guess I'll have to have a girlfriend all year long! Too bad." 6)Christopher checking out his new ipod dock. "Awesome!"

Each birthday I ask the kids what kind of cake they want, and Christopher has been asking for an ice cream cake. This year I found a recipe for an oreo cookie one and made it for him...easy and delicious!

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