Hoffman/Ladwig Family (Easter 2008)

Hoffman/Ladwig Family (Easter 2008)
Christopher (14), Jay, Hannah (2 1/2), Linda, Lily (1 1/2), Ian (16), Delaney (8), Renson (11)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lauren's 2nd Birthday Party-A Princess Tea Party!

February 2nd, Kim & Lauren Pospisil invited Hannah, Lily and I to join them and some other friends to a tea party in honor of Lauren's 2nd birthday. The girls got dressed up in their pary dresses and away we went! Kim had the whole house decorated so cute for the party and served finger sandwiches and other danties you would find at a tea party. Then, Kim read a story about a spider's tea party and Lauren opened her presents. Here are some pictures from the party.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: 1)Tea Pot Birthday Cake (2 cute!) 2)Lauren is supposed to blow out her candle now...Hannah think she can help because she's been 2 for four whole months now! 3)Lily likes the ice cream and cake! 4)Lauren & Kim looking at the gift we brought her. (We also brought her some training pants to go along with the gift Mommy & Daddy gave her.) 5)Potty Time!! Yeah! 6)Party Guests...Hannah was not happy, she was playing and didn't want to be interrupted for the photo op. 7)Lily, Sienna Hamland, Lauren & "Happy Hannah."(what a face!) 8)Watcha Get?? Hannah & Sienna watch Lauren open her presents.

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