Hoffman/Ladwig Family (Easter 2008)

Hoffman/Ladwig Family (Easter 2008)
Christopher (14), Jay, Hannah (2 1/2), Linda, Lily (1 1/2), Ian (16), Delaney (8), Renson (11)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ian's Youth Mission Trip

Ian had the opportunity to go with the youth group from our church and some other youth to Pine Ridge, SD to work with a mission group called “Youth Works” to help paint some homes and also to help run a Christian based kid’s club on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He had a wonderful time and learned a lot about others in need. I think it really helped him to see how blessed we are to be able to live the way we do. He was also able to go see Mt. Rushmore while out there. Here are some pictures from his trip.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: 1)Cross on the hill (the teams met there for prayer time), 2)Ian all gloved and ready to serve lunch, 3)Dirty hands! proof of hard work. 4)Luke and Ian cutting up veggies and fruit (I can't believe they gave Ian a knife!), 5)Buttes (God's handmade beauty. 6)Mt. Rushmore 7)Ian playing games with the kid's club kids. 8)Entire Youthworks teams. 9)Brian Lechler holding the sun. 10)Ian's Youthworks team at the project house. 11)FBC Mission Team (Brave Leaders: Luke & Mikaela Hatfield and Dustin Rhinehart). 112)More of God's beautiful handiwork...RATTLESNAKES!!

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