Hoffman/Ladwig Family (Easter 2008)

Hoffman/Ladwig Family (Easter 2008)
Christopher (14), Jay, Hannah (2 1/2), Linda, Lily (1 1/2), Ian (16), Delaney (8), Renson (11)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another wedding reception!

Whirlwind courtship, midnight marriage, next day reception...all in Minnesota. One day later, move to Wisconsin to start a new life. In August '05 we decided it was time we had a celebration in Wisconsin. What a fun day! The weather was perfect! We had a great turnout (including too many flies). We started out around 1 p.m. and continued on until after dark. Some of our guests hung out until after dark and we had a campfire including s'mores! It's really fun to stretch out celebrating your marriage for 8 months!

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